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NZTA Courses and Training

All Training is conducted by Ron Whiting, Director of 50 Fifty. Ron is an approved NZTA authorised trainer. Ron has an extensive background in all areas of traffic management operations not only at a theoretic level but also practical, coalface level.

Recipients are able to draw on Ron’s practical knowledge which they find invaluable – a key advantage when measured against other theory-only based trainers.

Please contact us for more information.

TTM Worker (1 day) – $350.00 per person + GST

January 27th, February 25th, March 29th, April 29th, June 10th, July 13th, August 19th, September 21st, November 2nd, December 9th

TMO Traffic Management Operative-NP (1 day) – $350.00 per person + GST

February 10th, March 30th, May 11th, June 21st, August 2nd, September 20th, October 28th, December 1st

STMS Universal (2 days) – $575.00 per person + GST

February 2nd / 3rd, March 22nd / 23rd, May 5th / 6th, June 28th / 29th, August 9th / 10th, September 29th / 30th, November 15th / 16th

STMS CAT AB-NP (2 days) – $575.00 per person + GST

February 22nd / 23rd, April 21st / 22nd, June 14th / 15th, August 25th / 26th, October 18th / 19th, December 13th / 14th

STMS Refresher-NP (1 day) – $350.00 per person + GST

January 25th, March 3rd, April 6th, May 10th, June 16th, July 19th, August 23rd, October 4th, November 10th, December 7th

STMS Mobile-NP (1 day) – $350.00 per person + GST

February 11th, April 5th, June 9th, August 3rd, October 5th, December 6th

INSPECTOR (1 day) – $450.00 per person + GST

February 15th, March 31st, May 13th, July 6th, August 18th, October 7th, November 24th

Practical Assessments TMO, STMS CAT A, STMS CAT B & STMS Mobile

Price on application

Group discounts apply. Email to enquire.

Course details, who should attend and prerequisites can be found at www.nzta.govt.nz

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