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Traffic Management Services

50 Fifty takes the hassle out of temporary traffic management whether it be for construction, maintenance and repairs or events.

From quiet local roads through to peak hour traffic on State Highways, the team at 50 Fifty have the qualifications and experience to take care of any traffic management or event traffic control requirements.

There are Four primary levels of road. Roads are divided into different levels, to reflect their intensity of use and associated risk.

1. Low volume (LV)

For level LV, the following subcategory can also be designated for roads that have particularly low volumes of traffic:

2. Level 1.
3. Level 2.
4. Level 3.

The designation for each road is made by the RCA.

The default level is level 1. If level 1 is not appropriate, it is the responsibility of the RCA to designate any of the following:

Examples of 50 Fifty Traffic Management's work

Traffic Management Plans

The team at 50 Fifty can design all your Traffic Management Plans for worksites or Events. TMPs detail the measures to ensure safety for all people involved in the activity. TMPs are required for all activities that vary the normal operating conditions of a road or a road reserve and in some circumstances are required for activities outside the road reserve which will affect the normal operating conditions of the road. TMPs are designed so there is as little disruption delay or inconvenience to the road users as possible without compromising safety. TMPs are required for all stages of the work from the mobile operation to setup the site, the static attended stage, the static unattended stage and the mobile operation required to remove the site.

50 Fifty can help you to define:

What traffic management systems need to be put in place for the specific event or duration of maintenance work? What level of supervision or management is required at the site?
Where is the site? This will determine the classification of the area and level of management required. Where will warning signs, barriers, traffic cones, road closures and/or need to be placed?
When will the work or event occur? When will the work be completed or the event be concluded?
How will everything come together in order to ensure the safety of workers, road users and pedestrians?

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