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About 50 Fifty Traffic Management

The New Zealand Transport Agency’s Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management sets the regulatory standards and procedures for Traffic Management in New Zealand.

50 Fifty’s Traffic Management and professional services provide solutions on the growing demands such as compliance, training, TMP approvals, site management and layout for companies operating within this area.

50 Fifty offers a comprehensive range of products and services that meet the demands with technical excellence in design, control, approval process, consulting advise and training.

Key areas for businesses today are their exposure to regulatory and compliance issues, 50 Fifty surpasses these standards, as stated by many of the company’s major clients, alleviating their compliance and exposure issues.

Ron Whiting - Director of 50 Fifty

Ron has a comprehensive technical background in traffic management and compliance issues, having been involed in the sector for many years. Ron’s experience and knowledge is clearly recognised within the industry and is reflected in 50 Fifty’s professionalism.

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